Nicolas Kublicki

The Diamond Conspiracy

Published in German as Das Monopol

Published in Portguese as Conspiração Diamante

Justice Department prosecutor Patrick Carlton uncovers a vast conspiracy to control the world supply of diamonds that began in 1920 Arkansas and leads to present-day Africa, Siberia, Sicily, the Vatican--all the way to the White House. Carlton will need everything he's got to bring the monopoly to justice--and to stay alive.


"A truly epic conspiracy. A first-rate chase thriller."
--Greg Iles, author of Spandau Phoenix, Dead Sleep, The Quiet Game, and The Footprints of God

"Kublicki casts a spell from page one."
--Eliot Pattison, author of The Skull Mantra and Bone Mountain

"A heady blend of espionage, suspense, and courtroom drama, all wrapped around the conspiracy to end all conspiracies."
--Steve Alten, author of Meg, Domain, Goliath, and Resurrection

"With The Diamond Conspiracy, Nicolas Kublicki has created an immense canvas and painted on it a broad, intense, and infinitely satisfying read."
--Lewis Perdue, author of Daughter of God, Slatewiper, and The Da Vinci Legacy

"Nicolas Kublicki belongs in the top new class of thriller writers."
--German Newsweek

"Tom Clancy for the legal set."
--Kirkus Reviews

"Tightly written and fast-paced…a whirlwind, worldwide journey."
--Library Journal

"A well-crafted, exciting political thriller...riveting."
--Publishers Weekly

"Intense drama keeps the pages turning."

Selected Works

Fiction (thriller)
A global diamond monopoly will do anything to survive.

-- Publishers Weekly

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