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When genius inventor Nikola Tesla died in the midst of World War II, the FBI combed through his secret research – and discovered an invention so extraordinary that the agent could only reveal it to President Franklin Roosevelt in person. He didn't make it. The government never found what he discovered – but a Hollywood star murdered by the Nazis left a clue.


When a cabal of rogue Saudi princes conspires with a global energy giant, power-hungry EU officials, and a corrupt Washington law firm to devastate the United States' economy, it is up to Justice Department prosecutor Patrick Carlton to track down Tesla's lost formula before it is too late. But others want it first.


From the haunts of old Hollywood to the deserts of Saudi Arabia, through the wilds of Alaska to European capitals, Carlton will need the help of a beautiful Hollywood tour guide, a competitive FBI agent, a billionaire reformed mafia don, a scientist from a deep-black government agency, and a Polish secret agent to save the global economy from ruin and bring the plotters to justice.


But first, Carlton must stay alive.

-------------------------------------------------------RAVE REVIEWS FOR THE TESLA FORMULA:

***** FIVE STARS ON Amazon.


"Kublicki holds down the throttle in this drag race of an international espionage thriller….Readers won't have to wait for Kublicki to deliver the action; a game-changing event occurs in every chapter, and the secrets seep out slowly, just enough to lead readers deeper into this labyrinth of interlocking plots….Kublicki's forte is white-knuckle action and the plot structure feeds that talent.….the complexity makes for solid entertainment because Kublicki ties up hanging threads—not that there's much time for them to dangle. The intensity is relentless. His short paragraphs, concise sentences and carefully paced chapters create a race for the finish line. Intricate plots at breakneck speed, with a dash of science and international politics."



"THE TESLA FORMULA's unique blend of lawyers, guns and money...supercharge this novel and set it apart from other action thrillers....the action keeps readers on their toes. Carlton is the thinking man's action hero. THE TESLA FORMULA is like Law and Order meets The Sum of all Fears. Kublicki vaults the reader on a journey through international banking and finance behind the world's turbulent energy markets. [He] convincingly weaves law and economics into the modern action thriller and makes it work."



"Kublicki has definitely brought action/adventure/intrigue/espionage novels to a new level....His words will hold readers riveted and keep them sitting on the edge of their seats; an amazingly interesting and realistic story....A five star read."



"Electrifying intrigue cannot begin to describe the international evil and treachery of Kublicki's villainous cast of spies, murderers, crooked pols and depraved Saudi princes set upon destroying the free world's energy system and economy. Only the secret of Tesla's lost formula can save us. The theme is as up to date as tomorrow's headlines. No author paints his characters with greater élan or more scholarly and loving authenticity."



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The Diamond Conspiracy

A global diamond monopoly will do anything to survive.

Justice Department prosecutor Patrick Carlton uncovers a vast conspiracy to control the world supply of diamonds that began in 1920 Arkansas and leads to present-day Africa, Siberia, Sicily, the Vatican--all the way to the White House. Carlton will need everything he's got to bring the monopoly to justice--and to stay alive.

You will never look at a diamond the same way again.

Published in German as Das Monopol, in Portuguese as Conspiração Diamante, and in Thai as ตัดเหลี่ยมเพชร



Five stars on


"A truly epic conspiracy. A first-rate chase thriller."

--Greg Iles, author of Spandau Phoenix, Dead Sleep, The Quiet Game, and The Footprints of God


"Kublicki casts a spell from page one."

--Eliot Pattison, author of The Skull Mantra and Bone Mountain


"A heady blend of espionage, suspense, and courtroom drama, all wrapped around the conspiracy to end all conspiracies."

--Steve Alten, author of Meg, Domain, Goliath, and Resurrection


"With The Diamond Conspiracy, Nicolas Kublicki has created an immense canvas and painted on it a broad, intense, and infinitely satisfying read."

--Lewis Perdue, author of Daughter of God, Slatewiper, and The Da Vinci Legacy


"Nicolas Kublicki belongs in the top new class of thriller writers."

--German Newsweek


"Tom Clancy for the legal set."

--Kirkus Reviews


"Tightly written and fast-paced…a whirlwind, worldwide journey."

--Library Journal


"A well-crafted, exciting political thriller...riveting."

--Publishers Weekly


"Intense drama keeps the pages turning."



"A superb adventure combining the elements of high-tech action & legal suspense in the world of diamonds.


"Nicolas M. Kublicki's debut thriller The Diamond Conspiracy combines hard-hitting legal suspense, superb techno-action & thrilling adventure. It is a wonderful & page-turning read...


"Kublicki delivers a punch-packed thriller & it is difficult to believe that this is his first book. He combines just the right proportion of techno-thriller elements of the like of Tom Clancy, legal thriller action of the style of John Grisham & pure adventure style of Clive Cussler. He has done wonderful research & his knowledge is well showcased in The Diamond Conspiracy.


"A truly breathtaking novel & a great read."